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BUNNYMONEY empowers you to save money while donating for a better world. It's time to Save for Good!

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Save a fixed recurring amount or let our Smart deposits feature calculates how much you can set aside based on your bank transactions. Like a modern Piggy Bank, you connect your bank account & BUNNYMONEY saves for you automatically. You won’t notice that you are saving because it’s a tiny bit every time!

For Tomorrow.

Pick & choose from our marketplace the Nonprofit you want to support. With BUNNYMONEY, it’s easy to make donations to the causes you care about!

A true game-changer, an incredibly exciting app that enables you to save & donate to important causes that have the power to change the world.

Katie Messick Maddox

Head of Investments
Producers Direct

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Cherry-pick your favorite local & national Nonprofits.


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